The Importance Of Music In Child Development

Even before birth, we are exposed to music - parents instinctively use music to soothe babies, express love and to engage and interact. This means that very early in life, children will begin to identify rhythm. Young infants bounce, sway or even just move their hands in response to music.

Parents can build on their children’s natural instincts, by learning about how music can have a positive impact on cognitive development in children of all ages.

Music can boost literacy

Exposure to music in childhood can accelerate brain development, especially in the areas of language acquisition. Listening to music enhances a child’s ability to decode sounds and words. By singing nursery rhymes to your child, you can help them to learn through repetition. Music helps children to predict what is coming next in a song and how to put these patterns in a sequence. It helps them to learn the sounds and meanings of words. In doing so, children build the base of literacy.

Music increases a child’s sensory development

Alike to how textures, colours and taste help a child’s sensory development, so does music. Exposure to different types of music early on in childhood can help create more pathways between the cells in their brains.

Music helps build coordination

Children identify rhythm before they even learn to speak. Everyone has seen the happiness of a toddler moving along to the music. Music encourages children’s natural inclination to move, which develops their motor skills, including coordination. If you have a particularly enthusiastic toddler, you may even notice them begin to jump up and down, which helps with their muscle development.

Music is a mood lifter

Most importantly, music is a mood lifter! Music can both soothe, calm and lift the spirits of children. Simply put, music brings us all joy.

If your child really loves music and is keen to learn to play the guitar or drums, explore the group and 1-1 classes that we offer on our website!

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