So, you want to start drumming? What do you need?

So you’ve decided to start drumming, great whatever level you’re a beginner or more experienced Max Rock has something for you, with one-to-one tuition or group sessions we can help you meet your goal.

There are two different types of drum kits acoustic and electric one of the main differences is the overall feel of the instrument, electric kits tend to be weightier, Many beginners look for electric kits when buying their first drum kit, both for their reduced volume and often smaller size. There is also a large demand for electric drum kits for drummers who play predominantly electronic music.

Some of the benefits of electric are;

  • Doesn’t require any tuning

  • Doesn’t require knowledge of drum maintenance.

  • Pads are often smaller than acoustic drums so if space is a problem, electric kits can be a solution.

  • Perfect if you’re playing electronic music that requires MIDI samples. You don’t need to buy a separate sample pad as with intermediate/advanced electronic drum kits you can programme specific samples to each pad.

An acoustic drum kit also has many advantages some of which are;

  • Great for most acoustic styles of music; rock, pop, jazz, blues, funk etc.

  • Perfect for high volume/high energy playing.

  • Requires more skill to get a nice sound early on.

  • Responsive to your touch and feel.

  • Knowledge of how to maintain an acoustic kit is very valuable. If you’re playing on someone else’s drum kit the chances are it will be acoustic.

Acoustic drum kits

Let’s take a look at acoustic drum kits first. A complete kit consists of drums, cymbals and stands. You can put together your own kit by buying everything separately, but as a beginner, it’s easier to choose a pack that already has everything you need to be included. Drums come in lots of different sizes.


Drumsticks are a pretty important part of playing the drums, the range of sticks you can choose from is surprisingly large. At first sight, you might think that there’s not much difference between them so how do you choose the ones that are right for you? The best way is by trying them out. Only after playing with a set of sticks for a while and then switching to new ones will you be able to appreciate the difference. To begin with, it’s probably best to choose a standard pair that are suitable for everything.

Drum stool

Even if you’ve already invested a decent amount of money on a drum kit, there’s one more thing you need to buy. You can’t just sit on any old chair or kitchen stool when you’re drumming. Drum stools are specially designed for playing the drums. They help you to adopt the correct playing posture and don’t restrict your movement. This helps to prevent back problems and injuries that can otherwise occur.


If you’ve managed to get your hands on a second-hand drum kit, it may be in need of some maintenance. There are all sorts of parts that are replaceable and new drumheads usually make a big difference. Any drum kit, whether new or second-hand, will need to be tuned from time to time and for that, you’ll need a drum key.

Electronic drum kits

A lot of the same things apply to electronic kits. One of the main differences, however, is that electronic kits normally come with drum pads, cymbal pads stand, a module and all the cables included. You’ll still need some drumsticks and a drum stool, of course. You’ll also need a set of headphones or an amplifier to hear the drum sounds.

Last but not least

A drum kit, drumsticks and a drum stool complete the basic setup, but there are many more things you can buy. Many drummers use a drum mat which prevents things from moving around while you’re playing and protects your floor too. Fortunately, all our practice spaces are soundproof so you can go as hard as you want.

But if your planning on getting some extra practice in its probably a good idea to check with those you live with and perhaps even your neighbours to find out how much they can hear when you’re playing. Things like drum mutes, mesh drumheads and practice pads can all help to reduce the noise level. So why not check out when our next open day is and give it a go?

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