How you can successfully advocate for your child musician

Kids have so many activities that they enjoy, playing an instrument is one that has a variety of benefits. There are ways that you can advocate for your child’s musical development that will set them up for success.


Getting to know the music teachers in your child’s life. Don’t be a pushy parent, but getting to know them and them getting to know you is important for your child’s development and improves communication.

Checking in regularly with your child about how they’re getting on with their music lessons, encouraging daily practice and being there for them when they’re struggling is a great way to make them feel supported through their music journey.

Being knowledgable about your child’s instrument is a great thing to do! It makes sure that you’re in a position to know which questions to ask and be more aware of opportunities they may be ready to go for. If your child’s music teacher has identified any specific weaknesses your child should be focusing more on, you will be in a better position to help them and steer their practice towards this.

Pay attention to your child’s instrument and tools, the quality of the instrument will make a difference in your child’s playing. If your child has become an advanced guitarist, a beginners guitar will hold them back. You can still get your child the best instrument for their skill level without breaking your budget, you can have a chat with one of the Max Rock team about the best instrument for your child’s skill level.


Providing your child with a strong music community and the right resources for them to learn is important to improve their musical abilities. Whether they just enjoy playing the instrument for fun, or want to develop their skills into a potential career, be an activist for your community’s music environment.

You could use your social media to encourage attending and supporting a wide variety of local music events. You can easily be an advocate for music appreciation and participation to be valued within your community.


A lot of your child’s time learning an instrument will be without you, teach them to be confident in themself, so that they feel invested in their musical growth.

Let them know that it is okay to ask for what they want or if they have anything they’re unsure about. If they want a solo, let them know they should ask their teacher what they need to do to work towards this goal. The Max Rock method will help find the right way of learning for their child that will develop their skills in the best way possible! This will also help them to be honest about what they struggle with, and what they don’t.

Whether interest in music came from your child, or you suggested the idea it’s really important for them to have you as a support network. There are so many benefits of music lessons, for your child to get the most out of the lessons they need you on their side. If you think that music lessons are for your child, you can come to one of our free open days to chat with us more about your child’s music interest. You can also sign your child up for a free lesson with us so you can see if the lessons would be something your child would enjoy without the commitment.

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