6 Reasons Why Playing The Guitar Benefits Your Wellbeing!

Playing the guitar has been likened to meditation, practising brings you fully into the present moment, feeling the strings and listening to the melody. It helps to develop mindfulness, creating space between an individual and their busy mind. If you’ve ever picked up the guitar to practise after a long, busy day - you’ll know the relaxation and relief that playing the guitar brings.

From developing mindfulness to boosting your confidence, in this blog, we list 6 reasons why playing the guitar benefits your overall wellbeing…

Playing Is A Form Of Therapy

The benefits of music therapy have been well-documented, and include relieving stress, relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression and improving overall mood. Many schools, charities and health organisations use musical therapy to promote mental and emotional health. Guitarists have long recognised the therapeutic benefits of playing the guitar, as Clark Vogeler of The Toadies testifies: “If I'm having troubles, or something has stressed me out, playing music on a guitar resets me to zero, calms me down, and puts me in a place where I'm ready and able to deal with almost anything.”

It Enhances Creativity

Playing the guitar is naturally creative, you can inject your personality into every song you play! Whether your reworking a song to cover or writing original material, playing provides an outlet for you to unleash your creativity. Even if you hit a creative brick wall when writing an essay for school or coming up with ideas for a work project, playing the guitar can reconnect you with your creativity. Strumming for a few minutes can create space in your brain for inspiration to drop in.

It Boosts Your Confidence

Learning to play any instrument can have a hugely positive effect on self-confidence! As you learn to play the guitar and gradually improve, you’ll probably end up playing in front of family, friends or maybe even an audience. Performing in front of others will build your confidence, and create a sense of achievement. Plus, everyone will enjoy it!

It’s Good For Your Heart

As playing the guitar is a form of therapy and stress relief, it’s unsurprising that when you’re totally absorbed in your guitar playing, your blood pressure lowers to completely normal levels. If you’ve had a particularly stressful day, there’s little more relaxing than picking up your guitar!

Playing Can Make You Brainier

According to researchers from The University Of Zurich, playing a musical instrument can increase IQ by ‘seven points in both children and adults’. This includes improved motor skills, memory, focus and the cognitive ability to process and retain information. Sharper brain function can also help to protect you from cognitive decline in later years! Playing the guitar provides a total brain workout!

It Brings People Together

Music is truly a universal language and connects us all. Whether you’re playing alone or in front of an audience, you are part of a global family! You can also join a musical community such as our’s at MaxRock. Being able to play an instrument is empowering and rewarding - bringing enjoyment to you and to those who get to listen to you play.

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