We’ve come so far!

Wow! We are actually at the finish line! Open day is next week and the facility is all up and running! 

So I thought I’d show you the transformation of the Maxrock building! 

To be honest I was pretty scared of what we took on!

This was the week of the “Beat Of The East” and with no heating available the room was a toasty -16

Needless to say we went home and stayed warm.

First job, pull up the carpets!

Also get the live kits in to figure out spacing! 

We were lucky that we found a local painter “C T designs” who was kind enough to follow my vision and also added his own twists to the room! 

Roland gear arriving = awesome. Not setting the kits up until Capet = not so awesome 

Signs arriving 👍👌

And I might have skipped a few steps but here we are!

It’s been a wild ride, so happy everyone can experience this room now!

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