Colourful Drums!

Hey! adding a bit or colour is never a bad thing!

We had a lovely drum kit that needed some TLC and a splash of colour

It's a (now defunked) Premier Drum kit.

Premiere was a british drum company, and only recently closed their doors but in their days they had drummers such as Niko McBrian (Iron Maiden), Clem Burke (Blondie), and Philip Selway (Radiohead) to name but a few

not to forget this fella!

Keith Moon

Keith Moon (The Who)

we recently Acquired a Premier Kit but we felt it needed a bit or colour!

Here it is Before, Sounds great but doesn't exactly stand out...

Drum Kit Max Rock

Ta Da Da DA!!!!

not only does this kit look fab, it also serves an important purpose for those drummers new to reading and learning the drums! think of it as colour coded drums, it just simplifies it a little bit

Max Rock Drums

If we were to do a rhythmic exercise on different parts of the kit it just makes more sense

For example:

1 +a on tom2

2 on floor tom

3e+a on snare

4+ on tom 1


1 +a 2 3e+a 4 +

most people are going to choose the colour

it serves an awesome purpose, and no other teaching facility does this!

this isn't age restricted, its just a great way to learn!

more to come!

cheers guys!


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