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I find teaching kids really rewarding and I have developed fun methods over the years that works really well with them and had really good results with children who have learning disabilities.  I prefer to teach in groups because that is the way children are used to learning and sometimes 1-1 can be very intense.  Once they get to about 13 things may change, but I still have groups of 15 years olds that like the camaraderie groups bring.

We teach at our purpose-built MaxRock studios which is air-conditioned and we can make lots of noise. Me and my fellow tutors are all 'Child Safeguard' certified


Welcome to my business! 

For those who don't know me, I am Jord and have been teaching drums to children for many years now and previously worked at:


I studied for my Music degree at ACM in Guildford and whilst there played in a number of bands, including The Rebecca Poole band, Dirty Chimes and Versions and then with a coupe of busy tribute bands, Maybe Gaga, and the Black Eyed Teez.

Over the last few years I have ran my own band aimed at the Wedding market (though not recently of course).  We model ourselves on Mumford & Sons and therefore call ourselves Smith & Sons!. I setup MaxRock with my Dad (also a musician) a couple of years ago, once I settled in Banbury. 

As you can see I am mad on Games!