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Zon Projects Limited - Trading as ‘MaxRock’ hereinafter known as ‘MaxRock’
Pupil or Parent/Guardian of a Pupil aged under 18 years, hereinafter known as ‘Pupil’

Acceptance as a Pupil or Parent/Guardian of a Pupil.
(a) The Proprietor shall mean MaxRock and shall include the Directors and any employee or agent of the Proprietor. The Proprietor shall have absolute discretion upon whether to accept the Pupils application for tuition.

From the date of being accepted as a Pupil, On site Lessons shall continue for a minimum period of the current School Half Term month unless terminated in accordance with this agreement and shall continue thereafter until terminated in accordance with this agreement.

Beginning when the Pupil is accepted for Lessons, all Pupils shall pay a termly subscription by credit card or at the Proprietor’s discretion an agreed amount in advance. These amounts shall be payable by each Pupil irrespective of the actual usage of the School.

When a pupil has been enrolled in the School they remain so until formally withdrawn. Failure to attend classes does not constitute formal withdrawal. Lessons will continue to be charged at the normal rate until written notice has been received & notice period has ended.

Group lessons

All of MaxRocks Group lessons are taught on a ‘group lesson’ basis. There is a minimum of 1 pupil and a maximum of 6 pupils to any group. Lessons are 50 minutes in duration.

ll of MaxRocks Group
lessons are taught on a ‘group lesson’ basis. There is a minimum of 1 pupil and a maximum of 6 pupils at Platinum level and up to a balance of 20 of either Gold or Silver level.

Lesson frequency

Lessons are billed as a fixed termly fee which is published on our website www.maxrock.co.uk. Lessons are attended on an agreed once weekly appointment basis. For the purpose of clarity, a lesson booked for a Tuesday at 4pm, will repeat each and every Tuesday thereafter, unless that day falls upon a Bank holiday, or the School is forced to close due to weather conditions or reasons beyond its control.


Lessons are billed weekly


Use of Screen and Video sharing

MaxRock will utilise Apps to facilitate screen sharing and video or audio sharing for the purpose of teaching.  We will share participants screens who choose to turn on video with other class participants of that lesson.  Signing up to a MaxRock plan will be deemed as acceptance of these terms.  We will not share these images outside of the purpose of teaching the music lesson.

Termination of Lessons.
The Proprietor may terminate the lessons of any Pupil;
without notice and with immediate effect in the event that a Pupil either 
(a) commits a serious breach of the School Rules displayed within the premises or the Pupils Conduct Rules (which may include, by way of example, violence, excessive use of bad language, threatening behaviour or inappropriate sexual activities, in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of the Club by other Pupils) or 
(b) repeatedly breaches the Pupils Conduct Rules or 
(c) in the event of a breach, capable of remedy, does not remedy the same within seven days of receipt of a written default notice from the Proprietor or 
(d) acts in a manner that is, in the reasonable opinion of the Proprietor, unacceptable or 
(e) commits a breach of paragraph 5(e) above.
(ii) If any part of the monthly Pupilship subscription remains unpaid 30 days after the date due for payment. We may engage a collections agency to pursue you for the debt. You agree that you will be responsible for all costs of the agency seeking to recover payment from you. A late payment charge may be raised if the debt remains unpaid after 30 days.
(b) In the event of termination of the Pupilship of any Pupil in accordance with paragraph 6(a) above the Pupil will be liable to pay reasonable compensation to the Club in respect of any monies which at the time of such termination are owing to the Club in accordance with the contractual agreement, alternatively, if money has been paid in advance under this agreement, to retain a proportion of the money so paid, to cover any reasonable costs or losses incurred.
(c) The Pupil may cancel the Pupilship by giving one complete calendar month’s written notice to terminate the Pupilship, and such notice may be given at any time but shall only be effective from the rst day of the following month.
(d) In those cases where Pupilship has been paid in advance, and where the minimum Pupilship period (if applicable) has expired, upon termination by the Pupil in accordance with paragraph (c) above the Pupil will be entitled to a refund, calculated proportionately to the full Pupilship fees payable for such period, taking account of the monthly subscription rate currently charged, and subject to a reasonable administration charge.
(e) The Pupil may terminate this agreement on 30 days’ notice in writing, accompanied by reasonable evidence, if he/she (i) is unable to use the Club through serious illness or
injury likely to preclude him/her from using the Club for a period of at least two calendar months, (ii) is made redundant or loses their job and is unable to nd alternative employment
for a period of at least two calendar months or (iii) permanently relocates to an address which is outside of the locality of any Bannatyne Health Club, as described in the Club Rules. In the event of termination under this clause, the Proprietor shall be entitled to charge a reasonable administration charge.


Parents are totally responsible for their children’s behaviour at all times during lessons. Pupil’s should also be expected to adhere to the Pupils Conduct Rules.

The Music School reserves the right to merge classes together at any time.
The Music School reserves the right to refuse admittance to disruptive pupils and will inform parents of any difficulties immediately. A code of conduct is available from the Music School, which sets out our behavioural policy.
If the regular Tutor is unavailable to take the lesson, an alternative trained Tutor will be asked to take the class wherever possible, in order to avoid the pupil having to miss a timetabled lesson.
In the unlikely event of only one student attending a group lesson the Tutor will still run the lesson as planned.
Tutors will make themselves available to discuss the progress of students by appointment through and any problems that a student may be experiencing at a mutually convenient time. If a problem cannot be rectified satisfactorily with the Tutor.
Students causing any wilful damage to Music School property beyond normal wear and tear will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item(s)
There is a strict No Food or Drink policy in place in our studios for the safety of students.
CCTV is installed and recording in our Music school to ensure safeguarding of our pupils, prevention and detection of crime and for protecting the safety of the public.
Mobile phones are not to be used within any of our studios unless authorised by the Tutor taking the lesson.

MaxRock Studios

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Cherwell Business Village

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