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Do you have a potential Drum or Guitar RockStar in your house? Are you looking for an afterschool activity that is Fun & Exciting that also teaches them new skills, encourages them to meet new friends and broaden their minds? Then look no more as MaxRock is the perfect answer to your needs.


Why MaxRock?

Tried & Tested: Our unique “MaxRock” method is a child friendly, group based learning environment that creates musicians, with everyday after school sessions available.


Local: Banbury based and easy get to by car, bus or by foot.

Supportive: We help children develop musical talent, meet new friends – even create a band!

Cost effective: Our fully equipped studio has everything they need, they just need to turn up and practice. No expensive outlay.

How do they learn?

MaxRock has a unique way on engaging children from 5 years and upwards and teach them to play Drums and/or Guitar whilst learning in a fun way. We have developed our own exclusive MaxRock Method where we utilise Pop Culture images and coloured graphics to help children learn rhythm and music reading in a way they find easy to understand.

Group or 1-1?

If your child is over 14 and is already playing an instrument and is looking for more advanced tuition, we do offer individual drusm and guitar lessons.  Click here for more details of our 1-1 lessons.

Why Drums and Guitar?

Learning music is something that can stay with you for life and Drums and Guitar are some of the most accessible instruments forming the basis of most bands. It also reaches you lots of skills, from developing patterns such as complex rhythm, team work, to creative thinking when creating solos and new music. Children with learning difficulties often thrive in MaxRock music lessons and this can be a great springboard to helping them develop in other subjects they may have found very difficult.


Why Ukulele?

The Ukulele is a simple instrument to play and they are very cheap to buy.  You can pick up an instrument for just over £20 and it can be a gateway to more complex instruments like 6 string  guitar.  We can teach you some simple well know songs using a Ukulele that you play on your own, or with a group.  Its also a great instrument for children as they are light and easy to handle!

Low Risk?

There is no immediate outlay for parents at MaxRock.  You can opt to for a free lesson and then pay a half  term in advance and receive a discount, so it's 'low risk '.


Why not give us a call on 01295 477419, or send us an email.  We are happy to have a chat about your child's needs and we can even give you their first lesson FREE. 


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Where are we?

MaxRock studio is based just around the corner, off the Southam Road right opposite the Amazon warehouse. We have 3 rooms dedicated to music development so making lots of noise is no issue! Leaving your home quiet (for a while)

MaxRock Studios

Unit F321 - F325

Cherwell Business Village

OX16 2SP

MaxRock drumming school
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