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What we do


MaxRock is a Banbury based Music School that focuses on 'Popular music' tuition using it’s tried and tested ‘MaxRock Method’. We teach Drums and Electric guitar to students of all ages and of all abilities who are interested in the Rock and Pop genres.  Generally, we teach younger people after school in small groups as we find this is the best way for them to learn and they are comfortable and used to this format from School.

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The MaxRock method


The 'MaxRock Method' is our unique & exclusive approach to teaching.  It works for any age or ability and helps beginners learn how to structure rhythm and patterns in a simple easy way.  Generally, people find it hard to learn music reading the traditional way as its all dots! We love music theory but it shouldn't be introduced gently. 


We prefer to allow the student to enjoy the instrument and get them to play it in context so they can understand what they are building towards.

The 'Maxrock Method' uses Visual and auditory cues to teach students rhythms and notes. #BoomBoomBap


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You're never too old to learn!

Around 25% of our current students are over the age of 30 and our oldest pupil is over 80!

MaxRock Studios

Unit F321 - F325

Cherwell Business Village

OX16 2SP

MaxRock drumming school
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